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About Us

CHASE SC is a Christian Association.  No Statement of Faith or religious information is required of our members.  However, our board members are Christians.

Our members are from all counties within South Carolina.

Because section 59-65-47 does not require standardized testing, nor establish a set length for the school day, members are free to choose what is best for their family.  We are here to provide the legal accountability as well as any support needed; but we will not intrude or dictate the individual details that make each family’s homeschool program right for their children.

CHASE SC does not provide any curriculum and parents are responsible to keep all records as required in the law.

The only form that needs to be submitted to CHASE SC is the Yearly Statement of Completion/Update/and Renewal.  This form is now submitted online between May 1 and 31 each school year, or within 3 days of a change in status, address or contact information.

In addition to this web page, members are encouraged to join the newsletter group where updates and reminders will be sent out when needed to help keep members informed of all that is going on in CHASE SC and any important information concerning SC homeschool laws.

We assure you that ALL names, addresses, phone numbers and other membership information remain confidential; we do not sell, rent, or share our member mailing list. Additionally, all Board members sign a statement of confidentiality before serving.

Because CHASE SC is a member of the South Carolina Home Educators’ Association, members can join SCHEA for $15 per year.